Release abundance blocks

and amplify your financial flow...

Become a Manifesting Genius

Have you harnessed the power of your mind yet?

It's one thing to meditate. It's another to master the process and manifest your goals, dreams, and beyond. Cherie is your guide to greatness. Use her Radical Shift Workbook and watch your career and business grow.

What You’ll Get In This Workbook

Cherie's Manifesting Blueprint

This journal will amplify your abilities to...

• Grow your career to six figures and beyond

• Start your own business

• Build a speaking career

• Attract your soul mate

• Gain the confidence to write the book inside of you

• Take back control of your life

• Stand in your power

• Master your energy and reduce stress

• ELEVATE your results and become admired as a high performer

Download Your Workbook

Choose your most important goals to focus on for the purpose of this workbook.

Meditate for 15 min/day

Set a timer and do your meditation daily.

Master Your Inner World

Take the next 15 minutes in your workbook to work on manifesting.

I remember the day I decided to manifest my future...

The images in my mind were blurry, my life sloppy, and I was one step away from calling it quits for good! Luckily, I kept at it, and with some time and practice I became a published author, transformational coach and keynote speaker, and featured in over 50 publications and giving workshops all over the world.

I created this radical shift workbook to give you a fresh start and help you go from that frustrating starting point to competency in just a few days instead of a few years! It's my great privilege to share this knowledge I wish I had when I was just starting out or stuck in my life journey, with you today. Just click the button below to grab it and dive in to your manifested new life.

Why They Recommend Cherie's Radical Shift Workbook

Meditate ~ Journal ~ Manifest

You deserve to have the energy, focus, and support to get you to your six or seven figure career or business. You can do this on your own, but I would be honored to be a part of your journey and help you get to your goals FAST.

Niokioh Wright-SMith

Wealth Coach

“This workbook is my trusted companion. I love using it to remember insights from my meditations and keeps me focused all day on what’s important.”



“I feel more balanced and alive as I put this radical shift workbook into my routine. Don't do this alone. Do it with Cherie and you'll get there so much faster.”

Laura RUBinstein


“This is my new secret ninja tool. I’m telling all my girlfriends, colleagues and clients about it. We all get more done with less stress.”

What Are You Waiting For?

greatness awaits you!